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Inspired by Mother Nature

Mother Nature is the best inspiration for colour. Spark your creativity with striking colour palettes straight from nature: pure and natural or exuberant, subdued or lively, whimsical or abundant. Botanic Textures vividly captures the present.

Wild Bouquet
WALFiLii - Botanoc Textures Wild Bouquet
Flowers in a summer meadow inspire the Wild Bouquet mood board. Tulip red, poppy orange, blue and cyan brighten up our garden

Happy Leaves
WALFiLii - Botanic Textures Happy Leaves
The rich Happy Leaves scheme stuns and accentuates with soft or bright colours that fuse in the landscape or cheerfully pop out. The palette explores all leaf colours – from fresh yellow spring leaves and pink blossoms to forest green.

Morning Horizon
WALFiLii - Botanic Textures Morning Horizon
The peaceful Morning Horizon is reminiscent of a multi-coloured sunrise at sea. With hues of water and night blue that perfectly complement the white of gushing waves and sunny yellow. Indigo creates a smooth transition between the two colour groups.

Precious Wood
WALFiLii - Botanic Textures Precious Wood
Precious Wood is stylish, grand and timeless – perfect for a garden that oozes tranquillity and calm. Wood and bark, soft brown tones of birch, oak and maple contrast with the brown grey of pine and the dark warmth of wenge wood – a subtle yet powerful palette that highlights numerous plants.