In front of the window of DELEYE, one of the leading fashion stores in Flanders, you can recently admire two WENGE WOOD WALFiLii planters.

The planters which are made to measure form a simple, yet stylish unit with the wooden bench. The widht and height have been geared to one another and frivolous grasses lighten up the composition.

The logo of the boutique has been subtelly lasered on two sides.

Quality, service and customer-friendliness are written large for the tastefully decorated clothing store. It comes as no surprise that these form also the basic values for WALFiLii.

A match made in heaven!

Unieke buitenruimte


A roof terrace is not only very trendy, but also offers a wide range of advantages. By pushing your roof to the maximum, the value of your house increases considerably.

What’s more, you can enjoy the fine view on the outdoor space and the healthy open air.

The panoramic view sees to a totally different sensation. The atmosphere a roof terrace breathes is unique!

This simple terrace was transformed into an exquisite outdoor space by using WALFiLii planters. The teamwork of materials, measurements and colours creates a true garden experience.



The Cathedral of Our Lady is the pride of every Antwerpian. Its tower throws many visitor into ecstasies, its treasures are known wordwide.

Who lives ‘in the shadow of the Cathedral’, has to gratify with a small terrace or outdoor space.

Two square ‘Sweet Papaver’ WALFiLii planters with playful species of grass were carefully positioned on the city terrace. The bright orange constrasts beautifully with the natural shade of the wooden floor and the cool ‘mint’ of the glass dome.
On the other side a cosy corner was created : ideal for quitely reading a book or enjoying the carillon music during summer.
A Corten steel planter was placed to brighten up this area.

The fine blend beween the warm Corten steel, the magnificent purple of the pillows and the ironwork of the banisters provides an instant holiday sensation. Perfect for de-stress after a long day at the office!



In 2014, two stylish appartment units were built on a unique location, in the middle of an Antwerp green area.
The fine blend of classic architecture and comtemporary elements create a timeless character.
A high-quality finishing touch with durable materials was used in all luxury lofts, which were equipped with the newest technologies.
The beautiful park garden with pond creates an outdoor feeling, throughout the year.
WALFiLii turned one of the owners terraces of the luxury domain into a real ‘park terrace’.
Black planters filled with lush box-trees connect with the immense garden and sreinforce the outdoor feeling.

walfilii - Van-Holst-1


Uccle is after Brussels, the biggest city in the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium. A part of the Sonian Forest is located on its territory, what makes Uccle one of the green communities.
WALFiLii trimmed the front garden of an Art Deco residence in one of Uccle’s marvellous residential districts.
The small plastic planters had to clear way for imposing raven WALFiLii planters, which form a stylish fence between the front door and the talus to the garage.
Elegant Box trees were used to create a splendid unity.

walfilii - Van-Holst-1


Creating an enjoyable outdoor space can be a challenge for city dwellers. Yet a green oasis of calm and a space to relax away from the hectic city life is of the essence.

Warm grey planters filled with box plants were finely combined with a square planter in sparkling yellow SUNRISE from the Botanic Textures Collection.
Frivolous grasses create a frisky accent. As finishing touch a neat box was added, convenient for storing pillows or small ‘garden material’.

walfilii - Van-Holst-1


Outdoor is the new indoor. Both areas are merging into an open architecture that redefines living areas. Outdoor is becoming more homely, almost like an extra room in your house.

This exquisite garden in Brasschaat, near to Antwerp, proves this new trend. The customer had his terrace constructed in a way that the fire plate with a diameter of 150 cm is beautifully displayed, as a piece of art in the centre of the garden. Additionally, two planters in corten steel were thouthfully placed in the front yard.

walfilii - Vilvoorde1


Two years ago the Mattenkot in Vilvoorde, near Brussels, has been renovated and transformed into the clerical quarter. A large part of the city services, such as civil affairs and the touristic information point were accomodated here.

The classified building can rely on a rich history. In the past it has been a monastry, military hospital and school building.

A stylish unity was created by a fine blend of authenticity and contemporary architecture.

The square in front of the Mattenkot has been given a face lift this year. Several WALFiLii planters in corten steel give the prominent square a refined look.
The warm orange colour of corten steel blends perfectly with the natural materials used on the square.

WALFiLii - dakterras1


The cross-pollination between WALFiLii and architecture yields magnificent results in this fabulous project in a mundane Brussels suburb. The stunning roof terrace of almost 200m2 features WALFiLii planters in blackish grey and white.

The planters contain common box (Buxus sempervirens) of 25 to 30 years old, with an average altitude of 180 to 200 cm, and also Pinus Bonsai and fragrant orange blossom.

The roof terrace is striking with a subtle green touch, neither over- nor underwhelming.

WALFiLii - Louizalaan Brussel


Often referred to as Brussels’ answer to the Champs-Elysees, the tree-lined Avenue Louise is one of the grandest thoroughfares in the city with designer boutiques, prestige buildings and … WALFiLii plant and tree containers. We installed forty steel containers with a corten steel look.

The gigantic planters beautifully line the footpath on both sides of the avenue. They add a classy and refreshing element to the public space and are functional as well: they prevent people from parking in the wrong place.